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Summer Camp 2017

Carol Renouf

The Oak Development Trust Summer Camp was held at Waitangi weekend at Waipara with 80 being in camp either in cabins or tents.  Such a  beautiful place to spend a weekend sharing lots of fun, conversation, activities, and also at times just to be. Camp started with a scavenger hunt that was judging on creativity, team work and keeping connected to nature. A  mushroom found on the field got a greater regard than one found in the kitchen chiller. The annual raft race was held with the 'Girl Power' fighting well to display their strength and courage to come from behind and nearly win. The water slide gifts loads of fun. and he pond became a go to place in the heat for both swimming and canoeing/kayaking. High ropes and tree climbing were new activities. The joy and blessing of camp is in the connections made, the conversations had and the experience of being in a nurturing environment that looks out for one another. The great food also was a treat. Thank you for the team in the kitchen and to the Riccarton West Community Garden for its generous donation of vegetables.