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Winter Camp 2015

What a fun filled, action packed, memory making 2 days 50-60 people shared in over Queens Birthday weekend at Hanmer Springs. We challenged each other through various activities: kite making (sadly no wind to test our skills), treasure hunt, Sams scavenger hunt, a quiz extraordinaire and a newspaper fashion parade. The 'tea of the nations' was a treat with delicious food from various countries. A great soak in the hot pools on Queens Birthday Monday sent us on our way home.

ODT summer camp 2015

This ODT summer camp 2015 was special to me as for the first time I was a member of the organising team for the camp. I was very surprised by how much efforts the camp staffs put into this camp. I hadn't known this when I merely attended previous camps.

The summer camp this year was great and so amazing. There were so many different nationalities but we celebrated this diversity altogether as if we were just like family. Having enjoyable chats, singing, laughing, and sometimes touching deeply our hearts while sharing our lives and disappointments together. People didn't have time to be bored as they did so many activities with excitement and fun. All people were very passionate and active in those activities to win which gained points for their team.

Now all the people that came to the camp are looking forward to the camp next year camp. So I strongly recommend anyone who missed this wonderful time to come along next year and experience this! We also have a winter camp at Hamner Springs from 30 May to 1 June. Bless you with love!